Download the Driving Toolkit: Talk to Your Parents

Download the Driving Toolkit: Talk to Your Parents (Spanish)

If you want to ensure you have your parents' trust, you need to be honest with them. Be sure to tell them where you're going; what route you’ll be taking and who, if anyone, will be riding with you. Let them know when you arrive at your destination (something as simple as a quick text message) and when you plan on returning home. Tell your parents if your plans change. The more they know, the less they'll check up on you.

Call your parents if something makes you uncomfortable while you're out such as if you're at a party where alcohol or drug use is taking place, bad weather, or other poor driving conditions. Of course, the last thing you want to do is call attention to yourself by making a call to your parents especially at a party. One solution is to work out a plan with your parents ahead of time to avoid these potentially awkward situations. Text your parents a code word instead, and they'll know that something’s up. Then your parents will call you and order you to leave – make them the bad guys so it doesn’t look like you’re calling your parents for help. Your parents can order you to come home or pick you up. In the end, your parents would rather have you call them than risk the possibility of something terrible happening to you.

The best way for you to stay safe and earn driving privileges is to work with your parents, not against them.